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I'm Seán Hogan, and welcome to my blog!
An aspiring Irish artist, I am currently studying Model Making in IADT. With future hopes of breaking into the comic book and gaming industries, I have a great interest in art and all things nerdy.


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    7 Tips for the 21-Year-Old Me
    by Bobby Chiu

    When I was a student in college working on my skills as a character designer, I’d had periods where I would sit at my desk working as hard as I could but having little to show for my efforts at the end of the day. I remember sitting there…

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    More portfolio pages. First page I think is pretty successful at what I wanted it do, but still. So. Much. To. Learn.

    And holy balls do I love Doctor Strange. I would love to draw a Doc Strange book sometime in the future. That would be crazy

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    First for pages from a personal project I was working on. I really enjoyed writing and drawing these pages. Creating a world and the characters was a great excercise, and I wanted to make this a larger thing. Buuuuuut…

    This was part of my portfolio for DICE. And the feedback I got really opened up my eyes. Many of the characters above are frogs, and I knew that my designs had abstracted that, but I thought it would be grand. Not really. It really showed me that just because I like something, it doesn’t mean it’s actually GOOD. Really eye opening. Also, I’m shite at inking.

    Getting feedback on these pages was fantastic, and I learned a whole pile at DICE. So thanks to everyone who had a look and gave me feedback. You guys rock

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    Pages from the aul portfolio I did at the start of the summer. Kind of embarrassed to show them after having them sit there for so long!

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    Some character sketches from my sketchbook that I drew when I had a few minutes to spare in work. They’re from my upcoming book, so keep your eyes peeled for that =] 

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    So I was recently in Europe for a bit of a student holiday, and I felt the need to write this post. The comic book scene in Europe is absolutely glorious, and I am in love.

    I was in Brussels, the so called Capital of Europe, and holy balls the comics there were amazing. They had a museum for Belgian comic book artists. Their comic artists were deemed so important they had a freaking museum. Coming from Ireland, this was glorious to see and so heart warming. To think that this little art form that gets ridiculed, disrespected and thought of as something immature had a museum for just one country’s artists made me so freaking happy. 

    And the comic books shops. OH THE COMIC BOOK SHOPS. Massive, spacious, they felt like the best book shops do here in Ireland. And the majority of the books seemed to be small press and independent creators. It was beautiful. So much creativity, and beautiful artwork I had never encountered. I’m considering learning French just to jump into this culture.

    Upstairs in one shop they had a god damn gallery of art work for sale. Like a normal gallery, except for comic books. It was crazy, and it made me feel so good that what I love is so respected in Brussels. And makes me a bit sad we’re not there here in Ireland.

    Anyways, sorry about the wall of text but I just felt so energised and happy discovering this culture in Europe that I knew existed, but never really learned about. Thanks for reading, and I should share some of my own work soon =] 

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    Final piece. Had to leave it here, was taking up a lot of time. A fun piece to make. A tentacle tree, tentacle tiger and some flying fish

    Final piece. Had to leave it here, was taking up a lot of time. A fun piece to make. A tentacle tree, tentacle tiger and some flying fish

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    Progress pic, colours are most certainly not final

    Progress pic, colours are most certainly not final

    — 3 months ago
    #wip  #tentacle tree  #sketches  #game art 
    WIP of my current little project. Getting to know my drawing a tablet after ignoring it for a bit this summer. Turning out alright!

    WIP of my current little project. Getting to know my drawing a tablet after ignoring it for a bit this summer. Turning out alright!

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    Two pages from my sketchbook that I drew on site in Birr Castle during the week. Such a wonderful place for references. 

    Tried to capture the textures of the plants and te flowing nature of the bark and stuff. References will be used in the book I’m currently illustrating, looking forward to sharing soon!

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    Some pages I drew earlier in the month for my portfolio. Need to find an A2 scanner somewhere and scan them in, fairly want to colour them! 

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    Decided to draw Jon Snow and Robb Stark for funsies!

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    Coloured some old comics as practice. Tried out a few different things. I still kinda suck at colouring. BUT! I think I’m getting somewhat better

    — 4 months ago
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    And the final, full body, elephant costume! I estimate him to be about 7 and a half foot/perhaps 8 foot tall.  Massive anyways. Pretty happy with the end result, HOWEVER there was a major emergency at the end of the project.

    Near the end I realised what I wanted to do for the main part of the body/torso area just wasn’t going to work. It was a bit of a balls up I have to say. So after seeking advice from my lecturers, he now has a lovely red wrap around thing on. I wasted so much paint. SO. MUCH. MONEY. WASTED. It makes me so sad to think about it!

    Anyways, hope you enjoyed seeing the process =] 

    — 4 months ago
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    More work in progress pics of the costume, this time with a layer or two of primer! Big moment was putting on the trunk. First time seeing exactly what the head would look like. Also didn’t want to fudge it up.

    I was a bit disappointed with the first piece of the trunk. Too chunky for my liking, but at this stage there wasn’t a whole much I could do. 

    At this stage I got to see the full movement in the head for the full time. The slight swing in the trunk, and the swing in the ears. You can see that there are black things coming out of the head. These were going to be swords, however I ran out of time!

    — 4 months ago
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